Cancer miracles - Miracle definition.

- Cancer Miracles are simple factors that combine in a way that is unknown to humanity to create positive and unexpected outcomes!

The mission of this site is to tap into and find genuine cancer miracles for curing cancer.

The motivation for this mission was the death in January 2010, after a short but painful journey, of my sister in law Shirley from cancer. This was followed almost a year later with the diagnosis of my granddaughter, Sahara with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.

The dream outcome would be the discovery of causal factors for cancer and the prevention of and cure of these causal factors.

This web page is devoted to helping those who seek,to find cancer miracles and their own survival strategies for a full cancer recovery.

The contributors are real. Their stories and treatments are shared so the beast which is cancer can be tamed.

When CANCER!!! is the diagnosis the first thought is suffering and death,and, how long this may take. Hope for a long life has disappeared.

The Medical profession look to alleviate the suffering and prolong life. Yet the experts in cancer research look to the survival statistics and begin the countdown to the death.

Curing cancer becomes the focus of all affected by the dreaded illness.

Finding cancer survival strategies that work and send cancer into long term remission is the goal of this collection of cancer miracle stories from the world. This web site is devoted to the welfare of cancer victims.

Shirley did not survive. Sahara is to date a cancer miracle survivor.

These beautiful woman are generations apart in terms of age and they never got to meet. Shirley was in her early seventies when she was diagnosed,whilst Sahara was in her eleventh year when she was diagnosed a year later.Shirley had pain in her lower back over a significant period and was finally diagnosed in December 2009 in Brisbane, Australia, with bone,breast and lymp node cancer. She gave up the fight on 15 January 2010, the day before we were to arrive. She needed a miracle to survive. Sadly the miracle did not come, but this web site is her gift to the search for a miracle cancer discovery.

Sahara had been diagnosed after several visits to the doctor with a virus for ten days when she was feeling lethargic in November 2010, towards the end of her year six schooling. Her grandmother Karen was concerned about her colour and another afterhours visit on a Saterday night resulted in blood tests being taken. On Monday we were told the girl was nuetrapenic and she should go to Starship Hospital. We had no idea what this meant at that stage. Now we do!

Here we are a year later.

Shirley is at peace after an incredibly painful journey.

Sahara is in remission but has a further 16 months of intensive chemotherapy to live through and has a 70% chance of survival.

So my motivation is to find the cancer miracle that will stop others from entering this battle ground with cancer. Identifying factors leading to cancer prevention is the goal.

I need the help of the best of humanity, from conventional treatments like Starship Hospital, to the alternatives like Anthroposophy and prayer.

I need the stories of miracles to build a database for the miraclous to become the possible.

The purpose is to provide a place where cancer recovery miracles are possible.

The hope is that others will find a miracle to help them recover.

These miracles may be beyond current scientific clinical methods. They may be an alternative treatment involving prayer, mind power, meditation, diet, exercise and stem cell harvesting or a combination of all or any treatment modalities.

The idea is that this site is an organism of self help for the benefit of the victims of cancer.

The hope is that a human community of knowledge will grow from this site which will finally make cancer a word of discomfort rather than the most feared word in the world.

This is an open source resource dedicated to the finding of the miracles of cancer recovery.